OVERSTOCK AND OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT
B and B Surplus offers a wide variety of services. We buy estates, storage units, and love to go picking through your stuff. We offer consignment through our retail store and eBay store. 

Consignment Rules and Agreement
*Upon selling and handing over your merchandise each Consignor has to sign a B and B Surplus LLC Consignment Contract*

Each Consignor must agree to the following terms:

* Consignor agrees to pay 35% commission on the total sale of the consigned merchandise as stated. All consigned merchandise will be sold within 45 days of the contract date. This contract will terminate 45 days after consignor signing. All merchandise not sold will need to pick up within two business days or there will be $2.00 storage fee per item per day. 

* B & B Surplus is responsible for all checks received and any collection on any unpaid items.

* Consignor certifies that he/she is the owner of the listed merchandise and have good title and the right to sell consignment.

* B & B Surplus (Consignee) is not responsible for the loss of any items due to fire, theft, damage, etc.

* All items are sold as is where is with no guarantee or warranties.

* The seller of consignor may not withdraw the real or personal property from the consignment within 15 days without penalty meaning lowest price accepted commission.

* Consignor will receive an itemized list of all merchandise sold and a final settlement sheet showing total sales proceeds, all expenses and commissions and the final amount owed to the consignor after these deductions.

* Any items listed on eBay: if they do not sell there is a $100.00 listing fee per item

* Once items sold we will send out checks on the 1st and 15th of each month. 
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